Organic Delicata Squash 1 lb

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Delicata Squash can be eaten with the skin on once cooked.
So simply scooping out the seeds and pulp then cutting it into rings or semi-circles is a great way to prep it for cooking.

Organic Delicata Squash
An amazing variety of organic hard squashes is in season right now – September through October 

Delicata Squash is a wonderful hard squash that tastes like yellow-flesh Sweet Potatoes. Unlike other hard squashes that require lots of peeling, the skin of Delicata is just tender enough once cooked to be edible. The peak season for Delicata does not last as long for this more perishable heirloom variety, making September and October the best time of the year to enjoy.

How do you use it? Simply half the squash, remove the pulp and seeds, cut it into bite size pieces, then bake it until you can pierce with a fork.

I typically roast Delicata Squash pieces tossed in Olive oil, salt and pepper and a little savory seasoning like garlic powder at 425-450F until fork-tender, maybe 15-20 minutes.