Beaded Earrings

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These one of a kind beaded earring are created by one of the most talented ladies we know...

In her words...

My beads look like little jars of magic. Because they are. Little jars of powerful magic. They heal me, my beads.  When I’m worried, bored, sad, irritated, when I’m breaking, they heal me. I sew them and they sew me. They help me make my heart grow bigger. It’s a miracle.

 I try to pick colours that look like they don't go together, and see what happens when you ask them to. I work things out while I'm beading.  When I've got something on my mind or when my heart hurts a bit, mostly unconsciously, I reach for my beads. There's so much to learn from beading that the rest of life doesn't offer up so easily. Patience. Humility. Practice. Taking pause. Unraveling. When to give up. When not to give up. 


And I'm also a white lady, which is really important to acknowledge as a woman who beads in North America. I do not come from a tradition of beading. I am not Indigenous.

To greatly oversimplify everything I learned (and am still learning): it is ok for white settlers to bead, however, it is important how you go about what you're up to. A) don't copy people (designs, colours, patterns, etc.), B) don't copy culture you don't belong to (designs, colours, patterns, etc.), C) credit the source of your knowledge, D) don't use racist or otherwise problematic language to describe your work, E) don't misrepresent yourself, F) don't be a jerk when your integrity is brought to question.