Ebesse Zozo Hot SauceS

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What is Ebesse Zozo?

Considered at least "five times hotter than tabasco", Ebesse Zozo could definitely be tagged as being "extremely hot!". Ebesse Zozo is
Togolese for hot pepper and gets its firey heat from the Habanero pepper, which is native to Africa. While abundant in Togo, the people of Togo "eat hot foods at every meal." It just wouldn't be the same without hot sauce.

Ebesse Zozo is a hot pepper sauce. Because of the tropical climate in my home country, we use a lot of hot peppers in our daily food. Ebesse Zozo is a combination of many vegetables with the principle ingredient being habanero peppers and is one of the hottest sauces I have ever tasted. It should be refrigerated after opening.
All the ingredients are natural grow in the beautiful British Columbia. My product line are without vinegar, sugar, MSG, and no chemical preservative.


How do you use Ebesse Zozo?:

To acompany every kind of meal , like rice, spaghetti, macaroni, tortilla chips, couscous, potatoes, corn meal, barbecue, meat, poultry and fish dishes. One can also use Ebesse Zozo to prepare (hot) sauce and soup. Note: While cooking with Couscous au Gras, Riz au Gras, Sauce d'Arachide, et Sauce au Legumes, one can use our hot sauce to complement these delicacies. One can also use Ebesse Zozo at the table when the afformentioned meals are served. Akoume, Djenkoume, Ayimolou can be used with barbecues and Ebesse Zozo