Colorful Standard Mens Tees

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We love this company!

Their products are not only beautifully made they are made from ethical and sustainable resources and their goal to hold the fashion industry to a higher standard, that does not risk the health of workers or the environment.


In today’s world, it shouldn’t be so difficult to make a sustainable choice. That’s why we created a concept that goes against the fashion industry’s seasonal models. 

 The cotton is 100% organic and can is grown with the help of natural rainwater, requiring no harmful chemicals in the process. By going organic, we minimize the use of pesticides and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 94%.

Wool Products are  made using 100% extra-fine merino wool

Our wool products are all knitted with extra-fine merino wool and are Woolmark certified

Woolmark tests for any harmful substances, and since it is merino wool, it comes with the Oeko-tex Standard 100 label, which guarantees an even higher level of ethics and testing than required by European law.

 About the Brand

We've created a regenerative concept of long-lasting products made ethically and vertically integrated at an in-house manufacturing center. Our mission has always been to identify all the ways we can produce garments while remaining climate positive. With that, our brand was born.  

Standard implies raising the bar for how the industry works and focusing on clothes made responsibly, transparently, and that stand for a greater purpose. The colors are a tribute to diversity and inclusion, to being bold, vibrant, and unique. 


In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), children are faced with one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world and are often needed to take on adult roles.

We wanted to find a way to give back, not in a material way, but in a way that would simply bring joy to kids' lives, allowing them to act as kids do and let them play. 

 We created FC Masi Manimba an all-purpose activity center that provides a safe space where children can freely express themselves while exercising their bodies and minds and learn the spirit of team building and community.

As things started to progress, we wanted FC Masi Manimba to be more than a football club and instead serve as a multi-purpose activity center for all children within the community.

Today, our centers are equipped with various activities that appeal to both boys and girls, as well as computers with internet access.

 FC Masi Manimba is free of charge for the children, the only requirement to become a club member is to simply sign up. Today, around 400 children and young adults between the ages of 6-25 play every single day.

At Colorful Standard, we donate part of our yearly proceeds to maintaining FC Masi Manimba.

We continue to update and improve the activity center regularly. When you purchase with us, you are not only making a more sustainable choice but are also letting kids play!